Directions to the MS 50 starting line

If you are coming from Laurel or north (of Laurel), or anywhere south of Laurel

From the north (Laurel and points north):
Take the Highway 15 south exit (Cook Avenue, exit 96B) off I 59 and go south 
on Highway 15 for 7.9 miles, (3 miles past the cross road at Tucker's Crossing).
Allow one half hour from Laurel to the start/finish line.  

Turn left onto George Boutwell Road at the National Forest sign that says Longleaf Horse Trail. There will also be a race day sign here and at all turns from here on. Beware of sharp curves, slippery when wet. Go 1.8 miles and turn right on a dirt road, Forest Service Road (FSR) #201.

Go 4.3 miles and turn right at the campground sign onto FSR #213. 
Go .5 miles to the entrance to the campground (start/finish).

N31 34 00.07     W88 59 15.0 

From the south: 
You know how or can figure out how to get to Richton, MS in Perry County right? If not, use the directions above and go through Laurel. From the traffic light in Richton, go north 13.6 miles on Highway 15.  Allow 1 hour from Hattiesburg to make this trip via Richton, 1 hour and 15 minutes via Laurel.

Turn right at the national forest sign on dirt road FSR #270. The turn onto FR270
is a very sharp135 degrees to the right and is easy to miss.There will also be a race day 
sign here and at all turns from here on. After .4 (4 tenths) miles turn left on dirt road FSR #213.

 Go 4.5 miles on FSR #213 to the campground (start/finish) entrance.