MS 50 Weather

There is nothing we can do about the weather and there are no alternatives for inclement weather other than cancellation of the race. In the event of cancellation there will be no refunds. (Please refer to the website and your waiver) Permits are issued only for the day of the race. All cost items associated with the race have been purchased and paid for at that point.

We will be there for the race and start as scheduled, unless there are tornados in the area. Starting the race by the directors does not indicate that we feel the conditions are then presently safe or will continue to be safe. Make no mistake this could result in your serious injury or death.

As the website indicated this race has been stopped two times due to rising creeks that the USFS determined were a danger. The RD stopped the race as instructed by not allowing anyone to start another loop. This is the only control we have once the race starts.

There is no possible way we can rescue 300 runners spread over 17 miles of trail no matter how bad the conditions become. Conditions can become life treating in a very short time. You are running in a forest, if trees start falling there is simply nowhere to hide. In fact there are miles of trail without access to any motor vehicle, not that a motor vehicle is even safe in bad conditions. Likewise no substantial structures, including houses are located closer than 6 miles from the trailhead and further from other areas of the trail. Crossing  water can result in drowning. You might be struck by a car crossing a road. Even if medical help is in the area they may not have access to an injured runner for hours due to conditions.

These are certainly not all the ways you might be injured or killed in this race. Might even be snakebit or eaten by a bear, which are said to be present. And are there really gators in the Gator Pond?

Do not allow anyone to influence or substitute their opinion of your safety for yours. As with most outdoor activities there is always a risk of injury or death which we can do nothing to alleviate and make no effort so to do.

You signed the waver and run at your own risk, if you choose to run. 

For more weather information see Normals.


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