MS 50 Weather

Runners come to Laurel from all over the United States to run in the Carl Touchstone Mississippi 50 Trail Run. One of the attractions of the run is the spring-like weather we always have in March. March is one of our wettest months, with average rainfall of over 6 inches. The average maximum daytime temperature for the month is 69 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a welcome change for many participants from more northern regions. But be forewarned that rain is definitely a possibility. In 1999 and 2001 we experienced torrential downpours during the run. There are no streams on the course that are normally more than 12 inches deep. But during these years some weak swimmers were intimidated by water over their heads at several crossing, even though ropes were put up to assist in crossing. For more weather information see Normals. Disclaimer on the weather and other hazards.

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