What are the Aid Station distances? 

Big loop:

Aid #1 @ 4.4 miles to next aid 2.8 miles

Aid #2 @ 7.2 miles to next aid 1.5 miles

Aid #3 @ 8.7 miles to next aid 1.5 miles Aid #3 second time at 10.2 with 2.3 miles to next aid @S/F

S/F Aid @ 12.5 miles

Small loop: Aid at 2 miles with 4.1 to S/F

Aid is at irregular intervals due to access roads.

The course and aid stations may change with a redesign due to conditions beyond our control typically controlled burning of the course by the Forest Service prior to the run. In any event aid stations will be no further than 4-5 miles apart.


What are grounds for Disqualification(DQ)?.
Littering on the trail will result in DQ and barring from future races. Drop all trash at the aid stations.

Cutting the course will result in DQ and barring from future races.


What aid items are available?

Typically we have bananas, pb&j sandwiches, chips, crackers, gram crackers, candy, m&ms, cookies, pretzels, gummies and other high calorie snacks as the urge strikes me, water, HEED, some hammer gel.  Later in the race some soft drink products (jet fuel for the runner) got to love caffeine late in a long run.

You will pass close to your vehicle in the Start/Finish area so you can get to your car every 12.5 miles if you wish to use to your own food and beverages.

Some people put out drop bags at the Start/Finish instead of going to their car but we do not have any other drop point on the course.


What is not provided at the aid stations?
 Ibuprofen, Advil, any NSAI, and electrolyte capsules.


Are Music Players permitted?
NO, music players are not permitted under the terms of our insurance policy. Please do not run with earphones or radios.


If I intentionally finish together with another runner, how will we be placed?
 Place will be determined by the chip system operator, and will be non-negotiable.


Is Pacing Allowed?
 Pacers are not allowed for anyone who might be a front runner or anyone who has the remote possibility of placing. If a runner has a pacer and places we will disqualify the runner.

Pacers are not allowed for the 20K or 50K.

Pacers are allowed for the 50M but only for the last loop.

Pacers can render no assistance and cannot mule for their runner.

Pacers cannot lead their runner but must stay beside or behind their runner.

Pacing is discouraged on this course as it is looped, not remote and well aided.

Should I carry my own water bottle?

We require you carry a bottle during the 50K and 50M run, the volume and form (fuelbelt, handheld, camelback, 20 oz from the store) is up to you. Few people feel a need for a camelback or the like as the aid stations are not far. Stay Hydrated.



It could be hot on race day possibly in the high 80s, and few people are heat acclimated at this time of year. Or it could be cold, typically in the mid 40s, and rainy. It could possibly even be in the 30s and raining. We do not expect to ever see snow.


Will my feet get wet?

There will always be some water on the course no matter how dry the weather with creek crossings about every 2-3 miles. In dry years these are hop across affairs. In wet years some creeks can be waist to chest deep. The race has been stopped by the Forest Service on two occasions due to high water. Some people change socks and/or shoes.